Contacting VPO Support

There are three easy ways to contact VPO Support with questions or issues. Each of these creates a new support ticket, which our team of VPO Support Engineers monitors and resolves.

To help Support quickly resolve your ticket, please include as much key info as possible such as your name, the VPO client company, and the project number along with the details of your request or problem.

  1. The VPO Support Portal has many useful tools, including Knowledgebase articles and links to create new tickets or view your past tickets.

    To submit a ticket in the Support Portal, open Just click Submit a Ticket, enter any relevant info, and click Submit.
  2. The VPO Support Widget appears in the bottom left corner of almost every page in your VPO portfolio and projects.

    To submit a ticket, click the widget, then select Need to submit a ticket? Enter any relevant info and click Submit Ticket.

  3. Email the VPO Support Mailbox at Your message automatically creates a new support ticket.

After you contact VPO Support, you’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know a support ticket was created. The message also includes a link to the ticket in the VPO Support Portal, where you can set up a login to view all your current and past tickets’ statuses and details. 

To reply to Support, you can either respond to the ticket in the Support Portal, or just reply to any email notification you received from Support. This also works to reopen older tickets, no matter how long they’ve been closed.

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