Why am seeing an access denied screen?

There are a few reasons why you could be seeing this message:

  1. You might not have access to the specific VPO module (e.g. Meeting Minutes).  All VPO modules have specific permissions and you might be in a user group with limited permissions.  Please contact the project's Project Manager to find out of you do or should have access.
  2. Have you accessed this particular VPO site before?  If so, you might be having a browser issue and should try using an incognito or in-private browser window. Please visit our article on Troubleshooting Login Issues for step-by-step instructions.
  3. Has someone else used your computer recently? If so, your browser might have the wrong credentials stored.  Try clearing your browser cookies, and then try logging into the site again. If you still receive error messages, try using an incognito or in-private browser window (and refer to the link above for more instructions on this).

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