Printing a Single Item in VPO

Printing both reports (multiple items) or a form (more information about one item) is basically the same throughout all of the modules.

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  1. Open an item from within a module


    This article is for printing individual items. Learn how to print logs here.

  2. Click Print  from the Menu above the item.

  3. A print preview will display.  Click on the appropriate icon:

    Print: Will send the print-out directly to a printer specified
    PDF: Will create a PDF of the print-out
    Excel: Will send the print-out to an Excel file
    Word: Will send the print-out to Word document
    Email: Will display the following dialog box:

    To/Cc/Bcc: The recipient(s) of the e-mail.  Click the + sign to add additional recipient(s)

    Subject: Enter the subject of the e-mail (this will default to the Template name)
    Body: Enter any text for the e-mail
    Send as PDF: If checked the actual report will be sent as a PDF with a File Name as shown
    Attach documents or list item attachments: If checked, any attachments will also be sent
    ▪ When done, click Send

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