Why use Google Chrome and User Profiles?

All browsers store information to make sites load faster, even when we don't realize it's happening. Maybe you have a home email address and a work email address- your browser stores both sets of information. Perhaps your company uses Microsoft 365 and/or SharePoint, and you’ve been invited to use VPO (hosted in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint) in another company’s tenant - and you need to use both accounts frequently. With all those accounts linked to one browser- things get messy!

You may have even experienced one or more of the following issues:

  • Signing in and out constantly. 
  • Being automatically logged in, but to the wrong account.  
  • Tried using Incognito/InPrivate browser, but have to type in your credentials every time.
  • When clicking any link from your email, you get errors saying, “that didn’t work” or “we’re sorry, your email can’t be found in the directory”.
  • You get access denied on certain pages even though you do have access.

The point is that we need an easy way to use multiple accounts!

Chrome to the Rescue!

Google Chrome lets you create User Profiles. Every profile you add keeps all the info separate, such as accounts, passwords, favorites, and other settings. Plus you can have multiple profiles open at once.  For example, you can have separate profiles for personal accounts, work accounts, VPO, as many as you like! 

Fun Fact

This is how we at The Simplex Group manage all of our clients' accounts.

We recommend creating a profile for each Microsoft tenant you are accessing - one for your company's Microsoft 365 and a separate one for VPO. Creating a new User Profile in Chrome is very easy. There are only a couple steps:

  1. Open up Google Chrome browser. Click on your Profile image at the upper right corner of Chrome and click on Add.

  2. Give your new profile a name that will help identify its purpose, for example, Contoso VPO, and pick any icon you like. You can choose to save a shortcut to this profile to your desktop as well. When you're finished, click Add.


    Do NOT sign into Google accounts until after creating your Microsoft Account. Signing into any Google account prior to making one WILL complicate your Microsoft Account creation.

  3. Launch this new profile in two ways:
    a. Click on your profile image at the upper right corner and selecting the profile you created for VPO.
    b. Open it from the desktop icon (only works if you chose to create a desktop shortcut).

  4. If you are in the process of accepting an invite from VPO, please return to the article referencing the type of invitation you have received. If not, continue to Step 5.
    Instructions for BIDDERS: VPO BIDDING: Orange Link
    Instructions for BIDDERS: VPO BIDDING: Blue Link
    Instructions for FULL VPO USERS: Invitation Email with an Orange Link
    Instructions for FULL VPO USERS: Invitation Email with a Blue Link
  5. Paste your project URL link into the address bar or go to www.office.com. Follow the prompts to log into Microsoft O365.

  6. Follow the prompts to log into Microsoft O365.


    Choose Yes to stay signed in and bookmark the site.

  7. Easily switch between profiles by clicking on the profile picture and choosing a different profile from your list.


    You can have multiple user profiles open at once.

  8. To remove a profile, click on the circle with your profile picture and select Manage People from the drop down list. Hover over the profile image and click on the ellipsis (i.e. three dots) that appear. Choose Remove this person.

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