Invitation Email with a Blue Link

Welcome to VPO! Follow along with these simple steps to get started.

  1. Open up Google Chrome browser. Click on your Profile image at the upper right corner of Chrome and click on Add.

  2. Give your new profile a name that will help identify its purpose, for example, Contoso VPO, and pick any icon you like. You can choose to save a shortcut to this profile to your desktop as well. When you're finished, click Add.


    Do NOT sign into Google accounts until after creating your Microsoft Account. Signing into any Google account prior to making one WILL complicate your Microsoft Account creation.

  3. Launch this new profile in two ways:
    a. Click on your profile image at the upper right corner and selecting the profile you created for VPO.
    b. Open it from the desktop icon (only works if you chose to create a desktop shortcut).

  4. Find your invitation to VPO in your email and right-click on the blue link. Choose Copy hyperlink.

    Not what your invite looks like?

    Invites with a orange link, go to this article: Orange Invite

  5. Paste the link in your new VPO Bidding browser window and press Enter.

  6. You MUST chose Microsoft Account.

  7. Type in your email address. You MUST use the email address to which the invitation was sent. If you see an additional prompt, you MUST chose Personal Account.

  8. Then enter your password and you should be good to go!


    This type of invitation link can be used repeatedly.

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