Adding Contacts to the Global & Project Directory

To add a contact (name, email, address, phone, etc) within the Project Directory itself, you will first add it to the Global Directory.  

  1. Within a Project Directory, Click “new item” at the top of the page. (shown below)
  2. IF THIS IS A BRAND NEW CONTACT: Click "+ new item" from the top of the list.  If the user is internal, you may start typing their name in the "Internal Contact" field at the top.  Many of the fields will then pre-populate.  If it is an external user, you may type in all fields you know.  Click "Save" at the bottom of the form.
  3. ONCE YOU ARE BACK AT THE MAIN GLOBAL DIRECTORY PAGE -OR- IF THE USER ALREADY EXISTS: Search for the contact you wish to add to the project (within the "find an item" search box in the upper left corner).  Once you have found the entry, click/check to the left of their entry (as shown below).  Click “Add Selected Contacts” in the top ribbon.


    When updating a contact within the Global Directory, it will update them EVERYWHERE within VPO (every project).  Only users with proper security will have access to this functionality.

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