Printing a View

Even though all of your data is managed and tracked through VPO on the cloud, occasionally or maybe regularly, you might want a physical copy.  VPO has the capability to print an a view or individual item (See also: Printing an Item). For example you may wish to print out a list of all the RFIs. Follow the steps below to get started.

Print to PDF for best results.

Printing directly to your own printer cannot be controlled for quality and may produce undesirable results.

Printing a View

  1. From the 'List' toolbar above, select 'Print'.

  2. A print dialog box will open. From the drop down list in the upper left-hand corner, choose the view you would like to print.

  3. Select the 'PDF icon' from the upper right-hand corner. The system is working to create your PDF, may take a minute or two.


    PDF printing is recommended for best results.

  4. Depending on your computers settings and the browser you are using, you will see a download complete notification.  Click the name to open or navigate to the location your file was saved.

  5. You can now send this document to your printer.

For step-by-step instructions on printing a view, please visit this article on Printing an Item.

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